*Note: If you signed up for a 11 Day Free Trial and did not request to Cancel before the Trial Period was over, you do not need to sign up for a new account because your account will convert to a normal CatholicBrain Membership.

1. From the CatholicBrain.com Home Page, click on [Sign Up]. You will be redirected to the New User Registration page.

2. From the tabs, select [ADMIN] and then choose a Plan according to the number of Student users that will need to access the CatholicBrain platform.

At the moment we have the following Plans:

  • Individual - for a Maximum 1 Student
  • Families and Homeschool - for a Maximum of 5 Students
  • Classroom - for up to 40 Students
  • Parish or School - for an Unlimited Number of Students
  • Individual Premium - for a Maximum 1 Student (Permitted to access Premium Content)
  • Families and Homeschool Premium - for a Maximum of 5 Students (Permitted to access Premium Content) 
  • Classroom Premium - for up to 40 Students (Permitted to access Premium Content) 
  • Parish or School Premium - for an Unlimited Number of Students (Permitted to access Premium Content) 

3. Once you have selected a Plan, you will need to select a Term. We currently offer both Monthly Memberships and Annual Memberships. *By signing up for a Yearly membership, you save almost 20% off the regular Monthly membership cost!

4. After selecting the term for your Membership, you will need to fill out your information and then you may proceed to enter your Payment information. 

*current as of 12/27/2023*

If you have any questions, the CatholicBrain Support Team is on hand to help if needed and can be contacted by emailing support@catholicbrain.com

We hope you enjoy your unlimited access to CatholicBrain.com and please remember to provide us with your feedback.