Selecting a Pricing Plan

Once you have logged in for the first time, you will be greeted with a page that lists all the pricing plans available. 

Please select a plan according to your needs or the needs of the organization and the numbers of students you plan on inviting to Catholic Brain.

Once you have picked the plan that best suits your needs, please select the “ I accept the terms and conditions “ check box and be sure to enter the payment information in the Payment section.

Once the payment information has been verified, you will then receive the School Code that you can share with Students that helps associate every Student with your School.

See the “Inviting Students” section for more information about how to invite students to join.

Inviting Students

Once you have your School Code, Students can sign up to join using your School Code. Share the School Code with all the students within your School/Parish/Home. Students can only sign up after they have a School Code to associate with their account.