How to Log In Schools, Parishes & Homeschooling Parents

Go to the “Sign In” link which can be found at
A school, parish or parent can log in when clicking the “Sign In” link at

Clicking on the “Sign In” link will lead to a login page where username and password can be entered in order to login

Once your username and password have been entered, click "Login".

If you have trouble logging in or if you don’t remember the username, see the “How to Retrieve Your Username” section for further instructions. If you are having trouble logging in because you can’t remember your password, see the “How to Reset Your Password” section on how to reset and create a new password.

Once you have successfully logged in, you will need to select a pricing plan and enter your payment information. For more information, please see “Selecting a Pricing Plan” under the “How to Invite Students” section.