How to Sign Up Schools, Parishes & Homeschooling Parents

A School, Parish or Homeschooling Parent can create a new account and select a Pricing Plan in order to register Students.

Signing Up

Go to the signup URL which can be found at or can be accessed directly at

First, click on the signup link found on

You will be taken to the register page:

Register your school or parish information in this area. [For homeschooling parents, you can leave the school name blank when signing up].

Enter the appropriate information in each of the fields provided.

When you have successfully registered, you will be notified of the successful registration.

You will also receive an email at the email address you registered, with a link used to verify your email address and the newly registered account. Click the verify link in the email to verify your account to begin the login process for the first time.

Note: You will not be able to sign in without verifying your email address.